10 December 2011

Internet apartment hunting

I've been advised that searching for an apt. in BJ on the internet is not useful because the postings are teasers.  Still, I'm obsessed with the hunt and the maps and occasionally send an email query to a posting.  We want to be around the giant Chaoyang park because LiLi's school's private buses already have a route with an opening there, because the air is somewhat better as the park is sometimes called "the lungs of Beijing" and because it is relatively close to my work.  So, while hunting I found this old listing.  I sent an email to the agent/owner/whomever.  Here's the response:

Dear Kayla:  Have you visit the Jinda apartment before? It's quite old - around 10 years....

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  1. Thought of you when I saw this photo...

    (the phtographer added 'No, this isn't fog"