13 December 2011

Freaking out

Okay I knew there would be days like today and I'm hella lucky I haven't had more of them but really...I'm losing it.  The list seems to be at a standstill.  The house still is not rented.  There's still no BJ apartment because, hey, ten years is OLD and don't I want something, like, new?  

Oh, and my kid comes home from school with four packets of homework and I can't figure out which is due when.  But there were emails, bunches of them, explaining it all but who the heck has time to fire up the laptop to check the email now?  And anyway, hadn't she oughta be in bed?  And also, who the heck cares about this homework?  She's only going to be in this school a couple more weeks.

I'm off-the-charts distracted.  I have major performances at both jobs (did I mention I have 1.5 jobs?) this week and can't seem to focus on either.  Plus, I need to give notice still (still!) for the part time one and have to somehow squeeze that in on Wednesday.  AND the house is just full of stuff.  So much stuff.  Where are we going to put all this stuff when we have renters.  We cleared out a lot from the basement on Sunday but even still, there's not enough room for all this stuff.  And why do we have so much of it anyway?  Thomas trains and tracks to fill a room-- but there's zero interest in them from the 8 year old.  Calico Critters sets to fill a mansion, even the darn Calico Critter CAR.  Zero interest there too.  And me, mama, who just can't let go of the baby stuff so there's still a glider and ottoman, a rocking horse, and guess what:  A STROLLER.  The kid is almost 9!

Also, said almost 9 year old started a whole long whine in the car tonight:  I don't want to move to China!  I do want to move to China; it'll be so much fun, sorta, but I'll miss the Chinese New Year Parade!  I mean, I'm kinda excited about moving but I'm not moving.  Can I bring my [built in] loft bed?  Why can't I bring all my stuffies?  [Last count: 162 stuffed animals.  Some of them huge.]

Seriously.  I'm losing my mind.

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