15 December 2011

End dates & the Countdown begins!

Have last days set now for both jobs.  The FT one will be done Thursday 12 Jan (because I just couldn't leave on Friday the 13th) and the PT one will be done Wednesday 18 Jan.  We get on a plane Wednesday 25 Jan 2012.

I made a trip to China in 2004.  My sister in law, from Cuba, lived on the East Coast and was planning to join me in China on this particular trip.  She and I emailed daily or more during the planning stages and at some point she started a countdown in the subject matter line of her emails:  "22 more days" or "15 more days."  When I got there and got to the hotel she wasn't in her room.  I logged on and found an email from her:  Zero more days!

So I am officially beginning our countdown:  42 more days!

I'm tired but I'm really really excited and happy.  This is real.

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