30 December 2011

A donkey named Gracie

Countdown:  26 days

We are still on the East coast and today both LiLi and I rode a donkey, Gracie.  Much like riding a horse but a tad bit harder to control despite Gracie’s ability to understand voice commands.  She understood me but didn’t necessarily agree with me especially when I wanted to get closer to the pregnant cow paddock because I thought one of them was delivering a calf.  It wasn’t.  Gracie didn’t care either way.  Still, she was unbelievably patient and after I dismounted and stood in front of her, she dropped her huge head onto my chest and let me scratch her forelock and oh so sensitive gigantic ears.  Then she gave LiLi a ride.  I decided that she should be in the movies and plan to find her an agent in LA soon. 

So the countdown is now less than a month and several large items remain on our to do list:  rent our house in SF; sort, pack, store our stuff in SF; find an apt in BJ.  I’m oddly calm about this list and feel like things will work out because they’ll have to. 

This past month we’ve had so much strange and wonderful, strange and tragic, and just strange news that our logistical issues seem less important somehow.   We get back to SF on 1/1/2012 and will get to work on our list then. 

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