19 November 2011

To do; To file; Too hard

We have our outbound flights!  United flies directly and though their service is dreadful at least they fly nonstop.  I used miles for business class seats so maybe the jet lag won’t be as debilitating as last time.  LiLi will love having her own screen.   I think I was 38 years old before I ever flew business class.  She's doing it at 8.  

The rest of the list is growing, day by day.  I do maybe five or six things a day from the list and yet it never grows shorter.  A friend had a law partner who had three piles of papers:  to do; to file; too hard.  I feel like dividing this list into the three. 

Even thinking about boxing up all of our stuff is in the too hard pile tonight. 

1.     Visa
a.     Copy birth certs and passport pages for visa ap
b.     Complete visa ap
c.      Call visa agency to figure out what other docs I need:
d.     a photo in 2-inch, white background, bareheaded (you  & kids)
e.     the registration of temporary residence in Beijing (you & kids)
f.      Beijing mobile phone number as your contact number
g.     BC and translated version w/ official seal of translation co.
2.     Work here
a.     Deal with paperwork w/r/t quitting job, chose separation date
b.     Figure out what address to use for the bar
c.      Pay bar dues for next year
3.     Make appt w accountant
a.     Taxes
b.     Insurance
c.      Overseas exps
d.     rental
4.     health insurance
a.     Post on BJmamas query re local health insurance
5.     Set up VPN (do it b/f leaving b/c can’t download software there)
6.     Upload all CDs into Itunes (why oh why have I not completed this before?)
7.     Digitize address book (ditto)
8.     House
a.     long list of house fix its
b.     Post house for rent on Craigslist ?  
c.      Create timeline for packing up rooms
d.     Get boxes/bins
e.     Find storage space for “
f.      Get basement ready for bins
g.     Figure out what basement furniture to give away
h.     Post to freecycle/Craigslist free [what happened to the guy who wanted the electric can opener and knife?]
i.       Drop at Goodwill
j.       Figure out what things/docs need to leave accessible
k.     Set up all bills for autopay (but what about paper bills and other mail?)
l.       Prepay insurance
m.   Prepay prop taxes
n.     Ask Jen to watch mailbox, pay bills? Give key?
9.     Ask Gregg to be on call for house fix its
10. Banking—figure out how to pay SF bills from BJ; figure out how to pay BJ bills (cash)
11. School
a.     Wire RMB to school [DONE!]
b.     school uniforms?
c.      school bus?
d.     School physical?
12. BJ real estate agents
a.     Make spreadsheet of apt s
b.     Post to BJMamas re complexes
c.      Match bus schedule (ck side of street for pick ups)
13. Ask BJ Jen for her Ayi agency name/contact: find BJ afterschool homework helper/cook/Ayi
14. Doc appts for both
a.     Get scripts for:  antibiotics
b.     Check in with travel clinic re rabies shots
15. Deal with Verizon
16. Deal with Comcast
17. Deal with PGE
18. Buy new laptop battery
19. Lock desktop files so house-sitter can use it?
20. Make packing list: what games? Dvds?  Narrow down LiLi’s stuffies to bring.  Coats, hats, gloves plus summer.  Start “to bring” bin
21. Sign up for SFPL on line Chinese or re-up with ChinesePod or take Pimsleur out of library?
22. Figure out what to do with car
23. Figure out what needs to go into the safe deposit box

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